Articles Published in International Refereed Journals

1. Sakman, S. (2021). Visual Rhetoric in Digital Game Design, International Social Mentality and Researcher Thinkers Journal, 7(42): 327-335.

2. Sakman, S. (2020). Usage of Cartoon and Animation Techniques in the First Title Sequences. Social Sciences Studies Journals, 6(68): 3557-3565.

3. Sakman, S. (2020). Enriching Multimedia Learning Materials with Animation Techniques.  NWSA Fine Arts, 15(2): 116-126.

4. Sakman, S. (2017). Prototype Usage for Interface Designs, Journal of Art and Design. 1(20): 225-237. 


International Full Papers

1. Sakman, S. (2019). New Approaches in Graphic Design Education. International Sanad Congress, 473-479. (Full Text Paper/Presentation)

2. Sakman, S. (2017). Graphical Analysis of Pre-Islamic Turkish Period Central Asian Petroglyphs. Nomadic Life Culture and International Traditional Turkish Arts Symposium (Full Text Paper/Presentation)


Art and Design Events

International Project, FOBIA Digital Game Design, Hacettepe Teknopark Pixelized Games. (Ankara, 2021)

National Project, Life of Haci Tasan Allı Turnam” Animated Cartoon, Kirikkale University – Ministry of Culture. (Ankara, 2021)

International Group Exhibition, I. International Sisli Art – Architecture and Design Exhibition. (İstanbul, 2021)

International Group Exhibition, “Equality” International Animated Poster Design Competition and Exhibition, Polish-Japanese Academy. (Warsaw-Poland, 2021)

International Group Exhibition, International Art-Design Conference, Performance and Exhibition, Dokuz Eylul University. (Izmir, 2021)

National Group Exhibition, “24 November Teachers’ Day Exhibition”, Kahramanmaras Sutcu Imam University. (K.Maras, 2020)

International Group Exhibition, “Communication in Art”, I. International Konya Art Symposium, Necmettin Erbakan University. (Konya, 2020)

International Group Exhibition, “National Unity and Solidarity”, Haci Bayram Veli University. (Ankara, 2020)

International Group Exhibition, “Virtual Reflections”, Yalova University. (Yalova, 2020)

Solo Exhibition, “Numen Layers” Digital Design Exhibition, TOSCA Art&Design. (Ankara, 2020)

International Group Exhibition, “Mother” International Mixed Art and Design Exhibition, KunstSalon. (Netherlands, 2019)

Design, “Haci Tasan National Instrument Festival” Visual Communication Design, Kirikkale University. (Kirikkale, 2019)

Design, “VII. International KOP Regional Development Symposium” Visual Communication Design, UNIKOP. (Kirikkale, 2019)

Design, “UI/UX Design”, Malatya Turgut Ozal University. (Malatya, 2018)

Design, “Nomadic Life Culture and International Traditional Turkish Arts Symposium” Visual Communication Design. (Antalya, 2017)

Design, “Inönü University Youth Orchestra Concert” Poster Design. (Malatya, 2016)

Design, “Gazi University Youth Symphony Orchestra Concert” Poster Design. (Ankara, 2014)

Design, “Kirikkale University Logo and Corporate Identity Design”. (Kirikkale, 2014)

Design, “Hz. Mevlana’s 740th Vuslat Anniversary International Commemoration Ceremonies” Visual Communication Design, Konya Governorship. (Konya, 2013)